RAW Hands Free Smoker Stand

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While you can always hold your cigarette when you smoke, it often means getting your hands and clothes dirty. If you're smoking in your kitchen, or while gaming, with ash raining down on the keyboard or controller, it's not ideal. However, there is an easy fix—this stand. Unlike other smoking stands that clamp onto a table or countertop (or even attach to your leg), this one is hands-free. It consists of two parts that clamp together: a stand for the cigarette and a pivoting arm for the holder. The stand has a non-slip grip that securely holds most brands of cigarettes without getting them wet, so you don't have to worry about them falling out into an ashtray.

  • Use this to be able to multitask and enjoy a smoke without getting messy
  • Great for the kitchen or gaming
  • Use it to have smoke breaks with friends without getting messy