Randm Tornado Vape - Honeydew ice Cream (8000 Puffs)

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Randm Tornado Vape is a high quality vaporizer, designed for use with oils. It has a very powerful heating and a ceramic oven, making it possible to create very thick vapor clouds by taking in larger draws at once. The Randm Tornado Vape Pen available on happytrail online vapes is a high performing, powerful vape that boasts an ergonomic design and wide customizable nature for those who desire premium quality and performance. With a completely different mouthpiece position than other pens and a sleek built, the Tornado is both stylish and easy to use!

Randm Tornado Vape Features : 

Flavour-  Honeydew ice Cream

Capacity- 16 ml

Nicotine Strength- 5%

Puffs- 8000