Randm Tornado Fumot Digital Box 12000 Puff (Strawberry Watermelon)

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Randm Tornado Fumot Digital Box Disposable Vape is designed for easy enjoyment. With a simple and appealing look, this disposable vape offers a delightful vaping experience. The mesh coil technology ensures smooth and flavorful vapor production. With a total of 12000 puffs, it's long-lasting and hassle-free. The 20ml prefilled e-liquid is nicotine-free, and suitable for different preferences. Powered by an 850mAh battery and featuring Type-C charging, it's efficient and user-friendly. The auto-draw activation adds convenience. Embrace the simple and lovely appearance while enjoying a satisfying vaping experience with the Fumot Digital Box Disposable Vape.


• Simple & Atmospheric Appearance

• Mesh Coil

• Totally 12000 Puffs Of Vape

• 20ml Prefilled E-liquid

Contains 5% of Nicotine

• Internal 850mAh Battery

• Type-C Charging with Battery Indicator

• Simple & Lovely Appearance

• Auto-Draw