KK Energy Vape - Strawberry Donut (8000 Puffs)

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From a simple design to quality construction, this modern looking vape pen is more than just an attractive piece. KK Energy was founded on the principles of innovation and engineering. From our research and development team, to our manufacturing facilities, we are committed to producing products that are innovative, efficient and well-built.The kk energy vape is the ultimate portable vaporizer. It will give you a high quality vape experience and the convenience of a compact size. Traditional vaping requires carrying around multiple devices, but with the kk energy vape you only need this one package available on happytrail vapes online!

KK Energy vape Features : 

Flavour- Strawberry Donut

Capacity- 16 ml

Nicotine Strength- 5%

Puffs- 8000